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We tend to live like everything is going well, as if failure would only happen at some big little moments in life, when things don’t go our way:

But that’s quite unfair. Reality is way more subtle than that. What we perceive as failure is generally just a mismatch between our expectations and reality. This mismatch is not shaped in an instant, but on the accumulation of moments where what we do doesn’t really fit with what we know we should be doing. But we keep going. And, at some point, we’re confronted with the gap between where we thought we were and where we really are.

In a way, failure is an illusion. Something completely open to reinterpretation, depending on the perspective from which is looked upon. Realising about the existence of this gap, embracing it, is the first step towards the path of success (which is also an illusion, by the way).

To fail is, for me, an occasion to re-evaluate, a chance to see reality as it is, not as I thought it was. To succeed is to act as a result of that re-evaluation. Failure and success happen every day, all the time, in a constant succession of trial and error events. Embracing this chaos, fearless and honest, is the healthiest thing we can do.

And now, what you were all waiting for, a few motivational quotes.